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Grid-connected power generation system


Solar  grid-connected power generation system consists of PV modules  (phalanx), photovoltaic grid-connected inverter and metering devices and  other devices. PV modules (square array) will be converted to solar DC power, through  the grid-connected inverter DC power into the same frequency and the  same frequency AC power into the grid.

Fan  and grid power generation system by the wind turbine, fan controller,  fan and inverter power and measurement devices and other components. The wind turbine converts the wind energy into AC electric energy, and  then converts it into DC power through the fan controller. The inverter  converts the DC electric energy into the AC power which is in phase  with the grid.

First, the main components of grid-connected power generation system

Grid-connected power generation consists of the following components:  solar cell array / wind turbine, AC-DC lightning protection system,  convergence system, grid-connected inverter, power distribution system.

solar panel

PV module matrix: by the solar module (also known as photovoltaic cell  components) in accordance with the system needs string, in parallel, in  the sunlight will be converted to solar energy output.

AC-DC lightning protection system

PV  array installed in the outdoors, when lightning occurs may be the  intrusion of lightning, lightning protection is usually lightning  directly, lightning rod, lightning line, lightning net or metal objects  as a flash device, the lightning current received, and Through  the lead wire into the metal conductor guide to the ground from the  grounding effect of the grounding device and then vented into the  ground. Protection of lightning protection needs to consider the solar panels  around the aluminum frame and bracket equipotential grounding, and AC  and DC transmission lines and inverters and other induction lightning  protection, protection measures can be used lightning protection device.

Convergence device

In order to reduce the number of DC-side cables and provide the power  generation efficiency of the system, large-scale PV grid-connected power  generation system usually needs to design the PV array convergence  device, which collects a certain number of batteries into one DC output.

Grid inverter

The PV module issued by the higher amplitude DC wave processing, and then into the AC inverter into the maximum power grid. According to the way involved in high-voltage intervention and low-voltage intervention

Distribution System

Intelligent  low-voltage distribution system bears the electric signal acquisition,  power quality analysis, power and power calculation, providing multiple  relay signals, reactive switching signal. All relay signals and reactive switching signals support network operation.

Second, the system works: