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Solar photovoltaic building integrated system solutions


BIPV  (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) is a new concept of solar power  generation. Simply put, the solar photovoltaic power generation matrix  is installed on the outer surface of the building's maintenance  structure to provide power. As the combination of PV arrays and buildings does not take up  additional floor space, it is the best way to widely apply PV power  generation system in the city, so the application prospect is broad.

The  combination of photovoltaic and building the general form of the  following: First, combined with the photovoltaic and the wall; the  second is the combination of photovoltaic and roof; Third, combined with  the sun and solar photovoltaic; Fourth, combined with the fence and  photovoltaic. From the combination of PV square and building wall and roof, it is mainly for roof PV power plant and wall PV power plant. The integration of photovoltaic modules and buildings in terms of the  main photoelectric curtain wall, photoelectric ceiling, photovoltaic  panels and other forms of sun visor.

First, the composition of photovoltaic building integrated power generation system

PV household power generation consists of the following components:  solar modules, charge controller, battery, according to the output power  for the AC 220V or 110V, but also configure the inverter.

solar panel

PV module matrix: by the solar module (also known as photovoltaic cell  components) in accordance with the system needs string, in parallel, in  the sunlight will be converted to solar energy output.

Charge controller

It is the battery charge and discharge conditions to be regulated and  controlled, and in accordance with the load power demand control of  solar modules and batteries to load the power output is the core of the  entire system control part.

Energy storage battery

Storing the electric energy generated by the solar cell module, and  releasing the stored electric energy to meet the energy demand of the  load when the illumination is insufficient or at night or when the load  demand is greater than that of the solar battery module, which is the  energy storage part of the solar photovoltaic system


The system generates and stores are DC, through the inverter to convert the DC load required for the user AC

Second, the system works:

1 System wiring diagram:


Design features:  high efficiency, light control + hole, according to the requirements of  meteorological conditions, the implementation of intelligent human  management, the use of deep-cycle gel battery, an effective solution to  the battery to the ambient temperature adaptation and cycle life,

2. System operating mode

1) Operation of the solar panel

    When  the sunshine during the day, the main input power (solar panels) work,  direct sunlight through the solar panels produce DC power, the charge  controller to adjust, a group of energy storage battery charge, so that  energy storage battery in the floating state , Another group to the inverter power supply, the inverter will convert DC sine wave AC power output, to the load power supply.

2) energy storage battery operating status

    When  there is no sunlight at night, the main input power (solar panel) does  not work, this time from the storage battery to the inverter power  supply, the inverter will convert DC sine wave AC power output to the  load power supply.

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