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ZX series of successful products Chengdu public transport system


In  order to facilitate public travel, the governments around the country  will build intelligent bus stop sign system construction. Intelligent  bus station system uses computer automatic control, unlimited  short-range communication, positioning technology, in the platform with  the electronic screen dynamic display of the bus from the station and  how many stations and other operational status information, real-time  display vehicle arrival information, Real-time  announcement to inform passengers of the change line, temporary  closure, road construction and other causes of changes in line  information and weather forecasts and other public information, video  monitoring station passenger flow status, to realize the public waiting  and smart waiting for the public to provide quality travel service.
As a result of the new municipal works, in order to avoid road  construction and re-pull the impact of public travel and destruction of  the existing environment, the system's power supply to us a higher  demand.
In  view of the above factors, the source for the Chengdu-based company is a  public transport system tailored to a set of special power supply, the  use of ZX own charging current, loss of small features, during the day  using battery-powered, night lights with electricity supply and battery Charging mode, the successful application to the site. Has been the Chengdu public transport system of praise.

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