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The new wall-mounted solar charge control inverter all-in-one listed


In view of the continuous hot solar industry, our company launched high frequency series LG – H and low frequency series LG- G solar wall-mounted charge control inverter all-in-one. Its appearance not only replenishes the limitations of the original vertical machine but also has been a sharp rise in the no-load loss.
       The use of silver shell is able to better match user's original decoration style. Blue LCD display can let a person associate to the sea and sky directly and give a person the feeling of warmth. Graphical display content can let the customer directly understand the power and the operation parameters.
       The switch of power and solar preference Settings give users more choice. The design of the wiring board was avoided the leakage of high voltage and make users more security.
       Inverter no-load loss is 3% or less than 3%. Greatly improve the system capacity. The interactive structure design can meet stronger household load ability.